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About Open All URLs

"Open all URLs" generally refers to the ability to open multiple website addresses (URLs) at once, usually by clicking a single button or selecting multiple links at once. This can be a useful feature for tasks such as opening a set of frequently used websites, or opening a set of search results in new tabs or windows. Some web browsers and browser extensions offer this feature.

To open multiple URLs at once, you can use various methods depending on the software or tools you are using. Here are some examples:

  1. Web browsers: Many web browsers allow you to open multiple URLs at once. One way to do this is to open a new window or tab and enter all the URLs, separated by a space, in the address bar. Then, press enter and the browser will open all the URLs in separate tabs.

  2. Browser extensions: There are many browser extensions available that allow you to open multiple URLs with a single click. For example, the "Multi URL Opener" extension for Google Chrome and Firefox lets you enter a list of URLs, and then opens them all in separate tabs when you click the extension button.

  3. Command line: If you are comfortable using the command line, you can use tools like cURL or Wget to open multiple URLs. For example, the following command would open three URLs in separate tabs in a web browser:

These are just a few examples of how to open multiple URLs at once. The specific method you use will depend on the software or tools you have available and your personal preferences.